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    • Wow, Neil101 here! Thank you SO much! Terribly honored you like this! I’ve never put a word on any of your miniatures blogs, but I watch every day to see if something new came out of your head! Definitely inspired by your take on the 40k’s imagery! Your Yggdrasylium is just insane!
      Keep doing great things! Wish you the best!

      • Hey Nicholas , Great to see your work being showcased on Ex Profundis ! Your take on 40k has far surpassed my own limited vision.. This is where i would have taken 40k if i could concentrate on one area haha.. very inspiring stuff .. it looks like Lebbues woods and terry gilliam gad a fight witrh john blanche.. !

        • I didn’t know Lebbues Woods – thank you for the discovery – but John Blanche and Terry Gilliam in the same sentence means happiness!
          The showcase is definitely an honor – so many nice words! And by my book, you’re already taking 40k in some creepy places! Please keep going!

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