40k Galery

Adeptes Mechanicus Explorators


The Many Faces of the Vox Populii


Rogue Traders


Rad Scavengers


Civilians of the Nestorian Infestation

7 réflexions sur « 40k Galery »

  1. Nico Auteur de l’article

    Thanks a lot Gabe!
    It’s a shame i didn’t know your models before, there’s positively scary stuff on your blog!

  2. John blanche

    Probably mi favourite minis – looked at your photos – you love entropy – listened to your music – can i recommend echospace label variant AKA steve hitchel ….drop us a line please ….

    1. Nico Auteur de l’article

      Oh, many many thank Mr. Blanche! I’m honored you take the time to dig in here!
      I have it currently playing and love it, thank you for the musical advise! You know maybe Biosphere? It sound a bit like a same atmosphere!
      A line will be dropped!

  3. Bo

    Extraordinary work! I’ve been an admirer of your work for a long time. Please join us on WordPress. We have created a lovely community of like minded hobbyists. Keep up the great and inspiring work man.


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