The foundations of Ib-26

The foundations of Ib-26

So after a long time with no real news, here are the first pictures of my hive-city under-world thing. I’ll begin with some/a lot of/too much ambiance shots – too dense to be really playable, but to get in the mood! I’ll take later some individual pictures of every structure.

Hum, most of it is from scratch, with the exception of the new pipelines from GW, a manufactorum, some accessory kit, and bits of the chemical plant kit from Pegasus.

I began this terrain early in 2014, and worked on it in phases, learned a little bit each time, and then came back on the first elements to add details and things to unite the whole. Some of the buildings were old flat grey things, from a time when we played standard 40k games with my friend. Then one day, i found on the beautiful blog Tears of Istvaan photos of the Yggdrasylium board by Neil101. I discovered the hidden face of 40k, the one that always fascinated me. The one that came directly from the old books, the black and white illustrations, the evocative dark imagery of creepy places full of crazy fanatic machine-human hybrids. The one so different from the game i knew. I still don’t know exactly why it took me so much time to realize that it was exactly that aspect of the game that i liked so much, and why i didn’t make anything in that direction sooner. But now, here’s my first attempt to be able to explore a standard post-apocalyptic hive city of the 41st millenium.

Hope you like it!



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    1. Eli

      I had to look through the photos again but I am really blown away by this! You have definitely captured the sense of wonder I had when first seeing the Yggdrassilium board. Have you given this wonderful world a name? Other than your Vox Populii who else inhabits this realm? Is this a hive or Manufactorium world? Are the cobwebs natural or did you make them somehow? So many questions but you have really nailed what it seems you were after, my hat is off to you sir! Excellent work!

      1. Nico Auteur de l’article

        Thank you many many times Eli!
        I have a first shot for the story of the world, but i’m not really sure for now. Still thinking about it. But it’s basically a Necromunda-inspired board, deep under a wasted hive-city, partially drowned after a huge quake. So manufacturiums, temples and living places all mixed up, for more modeling possibilities! I was thinking bringing some Warp events of course. I really like the idea from the Eldar Codex, of tears of reality becoming soul gems. Kind of magical stone of Mordheim!
        Anyway, i’ll write something concrete one day about that!
        And the cobwebs are a happy accident caused by my little care in cleaning my place 😉
        Thank you again for your encouragements! Really appreciated!

  1. Neil101

    This is so beautiful…

    this is what i wantd the ygg to look like..

    The underlaying structure and height of the board is really immpressive…

    the lighting you have put in the dark corners really helps bring the mood of the board alive..

    The characters really blend into the place .. and belong to the environment..
    simply amazing.. and inspiring…

    knowing how much effort it took to create the ygg.. you have my deepest respect and sympathies ..

    Congratulations and have coffee and take a well earned break Nico.. 😉

    1. Nico Auteur de l’article

      Thank you Neil! That really touches me, since you’re kind of a cause for all of this 😉 Thank you for the inspirations, and the encouragements! Cheers!

  2. Jake

    Amazing work, and really atmospheric photos, it’s easy to forget you are looking at a game board and not a film set. I also really like the height, something rarely seen in scenery, maybe as it is quite difficult to play around sometimes. But it really helps give the impression of a real place.

    1. Nico Auteur de l’article

      Thank you Jake!
      I thought a lot about the miniature sceneries we see in movies, and their credibility. I think i’m going to explore that field more!
      The board is really crowded on the pictures, so yes, i think it would be hard to play on. As we don’t play that often, i may have forgot the gameplay side of the whole.. But i hope we will test it soon!

  3. KrautScientist

    So glad to see another update! And what an update it is: The table is mindblowingly awesome — this really captures the look of the bones and bowels of an ancient hive like few other terrain I have seen so far, putting it on par with Neil’s Ygg board and Thenickeninja’s underhive terrain. The servitor thralls wired into the walls are horrible and brilliant.

    In short: Utterly astounding!

    Please don’t stop! 😉

  4. Laurence the elder

    Just dropped bi to say that this is really inspirational and so beautifull in a grimdark Wayye – I want to play on this board difficult to navigate or not …….

    1. Nico Auteur de l’article

      Having you coming here and considering my things inspirational is the world being upside down. I hear the warp in my head. Thank you! I would love to have the very people inspiring me playing on it!

      1. Absinthe

        It’s well-deserved. 🙂

        I have a question if you don’t mind sharing trade secrets; what did you use to « texturize » the buildings before painting?


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