Showcase! (And some wip)


while i’m working on more things related, here are some WIPs of the terrain i’m building for our games. Some of this pictures are one year old, the pieces already painted and covered by dust, other are more recent. But i have to make one more big thing before being psychologically ok with taking good pictures of the whole painted terrain. I doubt this project will ever be finished one day, since i always have some more elements to build, more details to add. But the big thing will be a step.

And I should have talked about it here sooner, but some of my minis found a way on a showcase on the mind blowing blog Ex Profundis! Thank again a lot to Jake Bruticus for featuring my work, and showing it so close to so many amazing miniatures and brilliant spirits! There was a lot of kind words, and that’s really precious! Thank you!

So i thought i could start to write here in english.. Hope your eyes won’t grammatically bleed!

Here are the WIPs!


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  1. Wonderful work! I have been trying to figure out how to have a subterranean level for a board, while also being able to handle maneuvering figures around, and you’ve done a great job at that. Love all the piping and cables, it gives a very claustrophobic vibe.

    1. Thanks a lot Eli!
      I thought a lot about how to add some verticality in our games. Turns out ok, but i forgot to put enough ladders to be able to actually go up 😉 More ladders – and cables – for the next things!

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