Trying to keep up with the updates?

Hello here,

Once again it has been sometime, i’m just not good at updating the news!

First of all, you might have seen a few of my models on the fantastic blog Echoes of Imperium. It’s really amazing to me to work on this event with some of the very people that inspired me to try my own creative corner of miniatures! Thank you again for bringing me into it!

40422117_10156629163232603_5250755492552114176_nPicture taken from Echoes of Imperium, with the fantastic logo from Tears of Envy

I totally recommend that you follow #mordheim2019 on instagram and Echoes of Imperium’s blog for the updates!

Here are some of the miniatures i’ve been working on for the project. Still some work to do on a few of them, and i’m slowly working on some other characters, and some other cool things!


I went last year to my first miniature event, where i had some tables to show my two boards and my miniatures. It was a really nice experience, had the opportunity to meet with kind and passionate people, and to work on a little box i already showed on instagram


In the last days of 2018, Christof Keil  did a long journey to visit me at my place, and we had a miniature exchange for the occasion. I’ll show the mini Christof gave me once i did some work on it – with his approval of course! Here’s the box i made for him.


So here it is for the new from these past months. I’m working on a few different things at the moment, and having too much fun to take good pictures for now (also i’m lazy). But i’ll once again try to update a bit more here.


6 réflexions sur « Trying to keep up with the updates? »

  1. Ross

    I love that Mordheim warband, dude. The variety of scale is very impressive in the group shot. I’m so tempted to do something for #Mordheim2019, but I’m trying to keep my painting limited to my gaming this year.

    I don’t think I’ve seen your tables in the wide like that before. They’re even more impressive when you can see the whole thing!

    1. Nico Auteur de l’article

      Thank you Ross! The variety of bodies was really something i was looking for, happy that worked! Still a few things i want to do in that direction, the warband will probably get bigger!
      I had the same impression with the board, it was the first time seeing them out of my place and in another light, that was weird!.. But lots of cool feedback, it was really heartwarming!


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