A friend recently purchased the Shadespire box and convinced me to try a game. It was a nice occasion to try to build a few Fyreslayers, a faction i like a lot, without really knowing why. I guess i like what they could be, and so i tried to join the idea i have of them for the Chosen Axes box.

My first idea was to give them key holes instead of faces, as they are carrying giant key axes, but my skills with greenstuff weren’t enough to match the idea. So i used a circle from a plastic tube on their cut faces, and filled the mess with greenstuff. Voilà!

I changed my website a bit, and put my instagram page on the front so the new things can come first. Do not hesitate if you have any opinion on the subject, i am in no way a web designer!

Thanks you for passing by!

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  1. Ooooh, love the new website! Very sharp, and tidy!

    And the models are pretty great too 😉 The anonymity of the cyclopean helmets gives them a lot of ambiguity and threat. Not quite so sure if they’re the good guys anymore. I’ve just got into Shadespire myself, I’m waiting for the skellies warband to show up in the post. It’s a great little game.

    1. Thanks a lot Ross! I’m glad you like them! Yeah turning them a bit weirder was the intention! I tried to think of them more as fire elementals of some sort than as small humans!.. The game is great, surprisingly quick and strategic to play, really intense! Thank you for your feedback Sir 🙂

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