Ex Profundis, gangers and two invitationals.


Here is some new stuff.

Firstly, my Age of Sigmar ramblings where featured on the fantastic Ex Profundis blog, thanks to Bruticus! It’s a real honor to see my things on the same page as such brilliant minds. I loved taking this moody pictures of a fictive game and seeing them in huge size with a beautiful layout! Thank you for this opportunity! And i think i’ll stick with big pictures for now! (You can click on the picture, it works!)

Capture d’écran 2018-02-14 à 17.00.47

Next, i showed these guys on the Inquisitorium Facebook page. They are a failed attempt to participate to the Iron Sleet Invitational. They are the Whisper’s Will, a specialist squad from feudal world, sent to fight in some war at the other end of the galaxy, considered heroes because they didn’t die yet. In my mind, their equipment is used in toxic swamps, the candles setting the gases on fire so the rest of the army can advance with fewer risks.


Here a small piece of narrative I wrote on them.


When they came from the sky, they burned our priests and told us that our gods were false, blasphemies against the only true god. A half dead god somewhere in the stars. I never met Him, but they say that He’s still protecting us. 

I’m the only survivor of my village now. After the king was trapped in a screaming machine, most of us had to join His army or join the priesthood in the pire forest. 

Four mates from my regiment survived our first battle. Did we lose? Did we win? After that, they gave us medals and we spoke to a bold man with too many disturbing eyes, and my head is full of someone else’s thoughts now. I don’t remember the battle. 

I don’t know where are all the others, from the other villages. I guess they were send to fight in His name somewhere. 

Now they say that we are experienced enough to serve as example for the new ones, but i have no clue as to were we are, and why we do what we do. Since we left our planet, nothing seems to mean anything anymore. There are too many stars, and they are too close to each other. There are too many screaming priests, and we have to scream with them if we want to live to see the next battle. I hope that the Emperor protects, as we’ve learn to say, because i’m terrified.


Here are a few civilians for the Nestorian Infestation campaign that will happen this year, initiated by Bigbossredskullz and WilhelMiniatures – if i’m correct, hope so!.. Nothing too big or scary as i really thought them as part of the anonymous crowd at the back of the pictures.


And here is my gang for necromunda. I have a few ideas of narratives and settings for them, that may end in a new board game at some point. I’ll come back on this when they are painted! I started working on them with a few sketches i show here also. I didn’t have plans for the big one, but it kind of happened after some time wandering on art station and seeing crazy artworks! That kind of things makes me want to be better at drawing, waaaay better! I’m also inspired a lot by Vince Michael amazing cyberpunk work, you have to check it!


Finally, i realized i’m less active in blogs and forum. The Facebook groups and instagram community makes it too easy for me to hide behind a shy « like » and a small comment, and the guilt of not being active makes it difficult to try being active again, if you see what i mean! Well, anyway, i’m sorry for my absence in that area!..

Thank you for passing by and i wish you all many good things!

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  1. Great stuff. I love the little grot with the tentacle for a face!

    Can you explain more about the unifying symbol you have in your Necromunda gang? The circle/ring that they all have on them?

    1. Thanks a lot Plessiez!
      The ring was at first something to link the model between them, make them a whole, and simple to reproduce. It then evolved into the symbol of their setting. I thought about a village set in a giant vent, somewhere in the under hive of Ib-26. The ring would be a simple representation of the vent, that became some kind of wind deity, bringing them different thing in their life if the aeration machinery does work or doesn’t.. Maybe different seasons!.. I still have to think about it and make a few sketches!

      1. I love that idea, a bit like the horror movie « The Ring ». If you live at the bottom of a shaft then the ring of light from the cover far above you will look like a ring of white light and take on a religious significance.

  2. Oh man, where to start!

    I saw your battle report back on Ex Profundis a while ago and while it took me a while to work out what was going on, but the pictures have so much atmosphere to them.

    The Whisper’s Will is a lovely little squad, and the fluff really brings them to life. Imperial Guard can be all too often just expendable faceless mooks, but that bit of fiction makes me remember that for every model, there’s a fictional little man/woman/alien inside just saying, « I don’t want to die. » Great work! Are you going to paint them now that the invitational is over?

    Love those Nestorian civvies. I’m sure it’s no accident that I’m getting serious Predator vibes from the third guy along. I’m working on a few models myself for this project that I’ll hopefully have in some state to show next week.

    And your gangers! Truly transcendental work. Your convert-fu is strong. I’m realising that I need to move past the standard house aesthetics if I want to make something that is truly my own. A green-stuff hairdo can work wonders! Can’t wait to see some paint on them. I see them as being quite a colourful bunch, no?

      1. Oh many many thanks Ross!
        I’m happy you liked the pictures on Ex Profundis! The battle report title is maybe a bit confusing, there was no actual battle, just me goofing around with models, scenery, a camera and too much time! But i liked taking those pictures a lot!

        I plan on painting the guardsmen, not really sure when! I have an idea of a small Astra Militarum army for a long time, but as i don’t play that much, not sure it’s worth!.. And i’m glad you like the little story, i like writing those moody things, not telling a lot but exploring feelings of plastic miniatures!.. Isn’t that weird!

        Strangely i missed the Predator aspect of that one, but now i can’t unsee it! I watched the movies a lot as a kid, they left an impression! I look forward to see your things for that event! I just went trough your blog, and there’s some crazy things! Your Sylvaneth hero got me a bit jealous!

        Happy you like the gangers! I put a bit more thinking into these ones before starting them, maybe that had an effect!.. I thought about painting them in some natural colors, like browns and greys, with some heavy rust and verdigris on the metals, but you just made me doubt it!.. Putting a lot of colors like on traditional indian clothes could be really great!.. Thank you for that idea =)

        And thank you for your kind words! I’ll try to! =) Have a beautiful weekend!

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