The Crawling Tumor – WIP

While i’m feeding upon the creativity of the Dark Age of Sigmar community initiated by Bruticus, i made a few miniatures to go with my Beastman Chaman. I’m still uncertain about some of them, and some other are still on the shelf waiting to have a few better ideas, or more appropriate groupe to walk by. And strangely enough, there is not that much beastmen for now.. I hope to change that once i have a suitable idea.. For now, here are some of them! And for an unbelievable thing, i even made a few narrative things i’ll post once they’re painted!..

Have a nice weekend!

Morghur1Eyes Silent1 Silent2 Silent3 TheBlind1 TheBlind2 TheBrothers1 TheBrothers2  TheFrailOne1 TheFrailOne2 TheFrailOne3 TheWatching1 TheWatching2 TheWatching3 TheCrawlingTumor1

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  1. Oh that is some great chaos. Are they all considered beastmen?
    Creative ideas for the mutations and unlike anything I have ever seen. Awesome job, can’t wait to see what other creatures come out of this. My favorites are….all of them!

    1. Thank you for the high praise Chokeful!
      In a way yes, i guess, but that’s still uncertain. I started them as such, but it evolved in a different way.. And i don’t really think about the gaming part!.. The idea way to join some of the illustrations and lore of the old chaos beasts armybook, were the beastmen are the common children of chaos, but there is a lot of other ones.
      Either way, thanks again =)

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