Silver Tower: Heroes and WIP

Hi there!

Here’s the rest of the cast of the Silver Tower, and some more things.

I kept the heroes mainly as they were, with a few minor tweaks with the Dwarf’s torch, and the Dark Elf chest plate. Only the Warpriest isn’t here in his original incarnation. I think the mini is too heroic for a mere human. Even if the setting isn’t the same as the Old World, i can’t imagine a human in Warhammer being sane and healthy. So i made one from scratch. I also like that he’s a lot smaller than all the other heroes. It make their huge size more obvious!

Baraelf Dwaelf Eterpriest

And this are some more character i wanted to make. The necromancer is a favorite of mine since i spent a lot of time in front of Diablo 2 when i was younger, so i had to make one. The Wight King was an obvious companion for him!

Necro1 Necro2 Necro3 Necro4King1 King2 King3 King4

The Chaos Lord was a thing i wanted to make for some time also. I always loved Archaon’s story and miniatures. The last one is gorgeous, but i think he kind of disappear behind the huge three headed monster. So i did my own Archaon-like Lord. The base mini is really awesome, and is a pleasure to built. It was also the first attempt to change a miniature more with greenstuff than with kit bashing.

Chaos1 Chaos2 Chaos3

The Beastman is another favorite of mine, inspired by the illustration of Morghur in the old army book. Here again, i find his story fascinating, but didn’t really liked the miniature. I saw on the internet some doing their own version of him, so i tried the same. I think i never spent so much time sculpting things than on this one, and i rather enjoyed it, even if it’s a long process!

Morghur1 Morghur2 Morghur3 Morghur4

And lastly is a Skaven Greyseer from a long time ago, when we wanted to play standard Warhammer battles. We didn’t went as far in than with 40k, but i’m still hoping to convince some friends to try Age of Sigmar!

Skaven1 Skaven2

Thank you for passing by! Take care!

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  1. NafNaf

    Wow. Just wow!

    These are seriously awesome. Just packed full of character and imagination. I like the dark and brodding colour scheme you have done for thr painted ones. It really fits in with the conversions below. I can imagine them trawling through dungeons looking for treasure, beset by terrible beasts on either side

  2. KrautScientist

    Brilliant work on those kitbashes! The bones sticking out of the Necromancer’s back are just brilliantly creepy, and that « Not-Archaon » is absolutely fantastic — arguably even moreso when you consider the plainly heroic base model you used for him.

    Fantastic work and a very original take on the Age of Sigmar setting! More please! 🙂

    1. Nico Auteur de l’article

      Thank you KrautScientist =) Yeah i think that Morbäck sculpted this Stormcast Lord – always forget their names. He did a crazy work on him, he sweats of charisma!

  3. Eli

    Wonderful work man I think the Wight King and Chaos lord are my favorites! The conversions are brilliant and your painting is so moody. Very very well executed. I think you have sold me…I need to pick up that Silver Tower boxset.

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