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Once again some time i didn’t show anything here. I’ve been active, but not in a really public way, and i tried to come back on my sculpture things you can see somewhere on my website.

So recently the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower was released, and i thought that it might be the kind of game i could like. We tried a first adventure, and finally, i guess it is a game i’ve been waiting for a long time! I don’t have a lot of experience in board games or miniature games even, but the cooperative adventures of the Silver Tower really fit my non-competitive habit. I really hope there will be more adventures, with undead, other Chaos gods and more gorgeous miniatures!

The only thing that makes me sad is that there is – obviously – no Mechanicum themes, and that it doesn’t encourage any scenery madness! But it got me thinking about my ‘perfect’ game, with the right amount of liberty and simplicity and cooperation. Sometimes maybe..

So for now, here are the foes of the Silver Tower. I painted them quite quickly and roughly, and did minor tweaks in order to avoid two similar models. Nothing fancy, but i’ll show some more interesting things, hopefully.

I have to point some blogs that i think did a really good job at making the tower’s inhabitants positively scary: Big Boss Red Skull’s and WilhelMiniatures’. If you’re looking for inspiration, go there! And the rest of their blog is just as brilliant.

Thank you for the visit!


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  1. KrautScientist

    I realise that I am pretty late to this particular party, but wowzers: Those are some fantastic villains and monsters!

    While I enjoy the colourful vibrancy of ‘Eavy Metal’s Silver Tower models, your drab colour palette has an appeal all of its own! Very nice!

    And that Ogroid Thaumaturge conversion is just brilliant: Using the top of the staff as an alternate head seems so obvious in hindsight, and it’s an utterly brilliant solution!

    Always happy to see your updates! Keep up the excellent work!


    1. Nico Auteur de l’article

      Thanks KrautScientist =) I’m glad you like it!
      I don’t know much abut the Age of Sigmar lore, but from what i understand, it could be more post-apocalyptic than the ‘Eavy Metal colors tend to suggest! I’ll try to get that idea for the next things, and an idea of a terrain i have.. Thanks again for your kind words!


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