Magos Phineus and playing with .gifs


Here’s the Magos Phineus, leader of my Mechanicum warband.

After the Shiver, Phineus was asked by Archmagos Holastas to search the wasted foundations of Ib-26 in order to find what happened, what were the reasons of the cataclysm. He as been leading a choir of specialist into the drowned city for centuries now, looking for evidences.

I have to work the background a little more, but it will be linked with the story of the city.. So nothing more until i finally get things done in this area!.. But i’m happy to see this mini painted. It was the first try to make a mechanics character, and it evolved a lot since then, more than two years ago!

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I put here little gifs i tried to make of the different sceneries of the city. I have to learn things in this area as well, so it’s absolutely an amateur work!.. (After seeing this, i realize one building is missing.. )

Ib-26.3 Ib-26.2 Ib-26.1

Have a nice week!

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    1. Thanks Elliot!
      For the metal, i start with a chainmail-ish base. Then, i make a wash using a tip from an old white dwarf. I mix some rhinox hide and black with some white glue – the universal unctuous white thing – and some water, until i have something dark brown and a little less thick than the glue. I put it on all the mini – i actually make the base color for all the mini first – and the wipe some either with the fingers or with a wet brush, taking off here, adding on there! It take some time to dry, and there a glossy effect, but it’s fine for me. Then, i put some of this same wash, but with some red, or grey-blue, and more liquid, in some places. And after that, typhus corrosion on some places, a little bit of rust and a little of diluted nihilakh oxide in the corners.
      Tell me if something’s not clear – not sure i’m using the right vocabulary Hope it helps anyway!

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