Hi here!

Here’s the Reliquae finished. Nothing too complicated, i have some difficulties trying something new with the colors, as i fear making things too shiny..

The Reliquae was a holy propaganda engine used by the government of Ib-26 before the catastrophe known as the Shiver. After the fled of the authorities, the walker was hijacked by the inhabitant into diffusing their own propaganda. With the time, the lack of maintenance and the recent strange events, the engine fell in madness, walking randomly in the alleys screaming senseless diatribes.

Now, the appearance of the Reliquae is a sign of change, good or bad, for the neighborhood. Trying to bring the favors of the forgotten holy man stuck into the machinery on themselves, the civilians run next to the screaming mass of metal to hang prayers parchment on it, at the risk of falling under its stomping feet.


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