Still here, some wips

I’ve been away from my miniature desk for some months now. I had to deal with some turns in my life, but recent events made me comfortable enough to go back to cutting plastic and assembling it back together without guilt! And i really missed that!
So apologies for my lack of activities here or around the web, i hope i’ll catch everything that happened since then.
Here are some pictures of a warband i wanted to make for some time. I plan of making a few more small warbands with good themes and mood to introduce my friends to InqMunda i think – we have been playing mostly HoR Kill Team for now.
This one is the team of Lord Istaar, a radical Inquisitor from the Ordo Malleus. He was tricked by a daemon after trying to control it, and his body started to eat itself from the inside. Using a rare empyrean shards and some brutal technology, his acolyte Cylee was able to maintain him alive, sharing his life force with his master. Reduced to a state of parasite, Istaar and the few members of his team still able to support his disturbing aura investigated to find more of that combustible, trying to slow down the effect of the self eating process while finding a cure, and a way to take his revenge on the warp creature responsible of his state. This quest lead them to the drowned city of Ib-26.
Here’s the model of Istaar and Cylee, that i wanted to make for some time now.






They will still have some changes until the painting phase i think.. Surely..

Here’s one of the unlucky mutated inhabitant of Ib-26, local guide for the Inquisitor. He has some of this warp shards in his flesh. These shards will be the Mordheim’s Warpstone of the hive if we ever start a campaign down there. I’ll write seriously about this one day!..

Mutant1.1 Mutant1.2 Mutant1.3

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, i’ve been away from my camera as well!..

And here’s a rather simple ganger from another hive. I don’t have any background for him, but i’ll think about it while putting down things around Ib-26 and the territories around.

Ganger1.2 Ganger1.3 Ganger1.4 Ganger11

Thank you for passing by! Have a nice day!

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    1. Nico Auteur de l’article

      Thanks a lot Neil =)
      I’m starting to have a better idea what to make with the whole thing.. Slowly! But i think i’ll change the ganger a little, he’s too common i think..
      Hope you’re fine!


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