Some doodles.

Another thing that i’ve been thinking for a while, is gathering all the doodles and illustrations touching the 40k universe i have done. I’ve been around it for some time now, and studying the rule books and their illustrations is an important memory, as it’s a big part of my will to learn drawing and becoming an illustrator.

This late title is still something i work on and ask myself a lot about – but for now, here are some of this drawings and more are on the gallery. So there’s some Mechanicum, Servo-skulls,  imperial civilians of the Many Faces of the Vox Populii, and some researches for the biggest element of my hive-city board.


techpriest Cranes1.2 Reliquae Cranes07 Cranes09 Cranes02 2 21 20


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  1. KrautScientist

    Those are some very cool and creepy and rather evocative sketches! It doesn’t really look like you still need to « learn » how to draw, as you are obviously excellent at it!

    I think two people you definitely need to get in touch with are weirdingway (because you seem to share a rather pronounced similarity in style when it comes to character creation and early sketches for projects) and Jeff Vader, who is not only an illustrator, but also a great guy and can probably tell you tons of useful stuff about becoming a and working as an illustrator.

    Just my two cents 😉 Keep the amazing updates coming!



    1. Nico Auteur de l’article

      Hi KrautScientist, thank you highly =)
      I’ve just been deeper into the Navigator Household of Weirdingway, and that sure is absolutely inspiring! Crazy stuff!..
      That’s funny, i’ve been following Jeff Vader as a modelist and as an illustrator, and i just learned recently that both was the same person!
      Thanks again for your kind words, they always make my day!


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