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Nestorian Infestation and some wips


I already showed this on Facebook, but here are a few more picture of the team for the Nestorian Infestation. Two guys disappeared, and a new one appeared. Wasn’t sure about the two others, and i started the box without thinking of the number of mini i could put into. So i had to adapt a few things!


And a few pictures of the process. The Agrellan earth wasn’t dry at the moment of the picture!

Thank you for passing by, have a great week!

A few squads and a new board.

Hi there!

It has been some time again since my last entry here, but i stayed productive in some way. I already showed a few things in the Facebook group pages, and here’s the rest of it..

First of all, nearly two years after the wasted foundations of Ib-26, a new board!

It’s really less ambitious than the hive-city, as i didn’t want to spend as much time on it, and wanted to be able to store it in my small flat. But i still wanted to to look cool, so i spent more time on small details here and there! I’ll show a few WIP soon!

It’s intended to play skirmish on it, maybe small games of Aos, but not sure there would be enough space. And to try this, here’s the Sylvaneth warband still waiting for a name and a story.


With the new edition of 40k, we had to try the new rules. Most of my « gaming » armies are stored in boxes now, so i assembled a few squads for the mechanicus. I tried to keep the spirit of the warband without getting as much in the details for each character. I’m in love with the Vostrayan, that were before the Skitarii and the recent madness from GW, the most 40k miniatures ever in my opinion!

I enjoyed the game, but the total mayhem of a squad versus another isn’t really my thing. Hopefully i’ll convince my friend to have a go at the new Necromunda!

Finally, this october, i joined the Inktober challenge with some 40k inspired drawings, i’ll see if i can show a gallery of them somewhere around here. You can see a lot of my drawings on my Instagram account of my Facebook page, if you fancy!

Thanks a lot for passing by!

A warband and two boxes

Hi here!

It’s been a while since the last update but here are the last things i’ve been working on.

Firstly, a sylvaneth warband to try the Aos Skirmish. We still have to try our first game of Aos, but i hope this will be a nice entry ticket. I have the rest of the battalion to work on later.. I’m a bit late after all the branchitsu madness around aos28, but here they are. I’ll make more individual photos once they are painted. I found a bit hard to be original with this few. So many brilliant things have been already done. And i’m still asking myself a bit about the sylvaneth civilisation, their level of technology and individualism. There’s not a lot about this in the army book, i hope there will be a bit more in the future!

29 30 31 32  34

Next is a thing i thought a lot about considering i don’t play that much anymore, but enjoy building things. Following the travel boxes i made earlier this year, i made a more detailed one, maybe more like a piece of scenery or a diorama of the inside of an imperial building. The floor is magnetic again, so it can be used to move a few miniatures around, and there is a button behind the box to turn a little light on. So it’s a kind of decorative thing i guess?

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

18 19 20 21 22 23 2435

This is the second one i made just after the wooden box. I tried something smaller, and thought about it as the relic boxes the miniatures often carry around. So it’s a box, with a cyborg corpse reliquary inside.

15 16 17

25 26 27 28

And since i really enjoyed doing those, i think i’m going to make a few more!

And finally, Bigbossredskulls recently published a blog post with a few of my drawing inspired by his tzeenchian warbands! This hobby exchange saw this fantastic miniature take a place in my Warhammer gallery on the wall! Thank you! (Be sure to check his blog, his work is crazy creative!)

Photo 03.07.17 21 33 54


Magos Grievv and the Exploratory Choir.

Here’s the last Magos done, and a picture of the six adepts i made so far. I thought that, since i have some sceneries just waiting for dust around me, i could use them to take moody pictures of the miniatures in situ..

Griev6 Griev7 Griev8 Griev9 Griev10 Griev11


And in another way. i’m really enthusiast about the Dark Age of Sigmar movement initiated by Bruticus! I love seeing all the new things around the web, and i’ll try to make some things in that way, expanding the things i did for Warhammer Quest!..

Take care of you!

Magos Phineus and playing with .gifs


Here’s the Magos Phineus, leader of my Mechanicum warband.

After the Shiver, Phineus was asked by Archmagos Holastas to search the wasted foundations of Ib-26 in order to find what happened, what were the reasons of the cataclysm. He as been leading a choir of specialist into the drowned city for centuries now, looking for evidences.

I have to work the background a little more, but it will be linked with the story of the city.. So nothing more until i finally get things done in this area!.. But i’m happy to see this mini painted. It was the first try to make a mechanics character, and it evolved a lot since then, more than two years ago!

1 2 3 4 5 6

I put here little gifs i tried to make of the different sceneries of the city. I have to learn things in this area as well, so it’s absolutely an amateur work!.. (After seeing this, i realize one building is missing.. )

Ib-26.3 Ib-26.2 Ib-26.1

Have a nice week!

Explorator warband exploring

Nothing new – except a lot of really nice words from the very people that have been inspiring me and feeding my obsessions. That’s just amazing, justifies the time i spent on the making, and simply brings a lot of smiles! Thank you all!

While it’s just the same pieces than below, here are some photos of a different configuration of buildings with my mechanicus warband crawling on it. Hope we’ll have a game soon!

02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

14 15 16 17 18

The foundations of Ib-26

The foundations of Ib-26

So after a long time with no real news, here are the first pictures of my hive-city under-world thing. I’ll begin with some/a lot of/too much ambiance shots – too dense to be really playable, but to get in the mood! I’ll take later some individual pictures of every structure.

Hum, most of it is from scratch, with the exception of the new pipelines from GW, a manufactorum, some accessory kit, and bits of the chemical plant kit from Pegasus.

I began this terrain early in 2014, and worked on it in phases, learned a little bit each time, and then came back on the first elements to add details and things to unite the whole. Some of the buildings were old flat grey things, from a time when we played standard 40k games with my friend. Then one day, i found on the beautiful blog Tears of Istvaan photos of the Yggdrasylium board by Neil101. I discovered the hidden face of 40k, the one that always fascinated me. The one that came directly from the old books, the black and white illustrations, the evocative dark imagery of creepy places full of crazy fanatic machine-human hybrids. The one so different from the game i knew. I still don’t know exactly why it took me so much time to realize that it was exactly that aspect of the game that i liked so much, and why i didn’t make anything in that direction sooner. But now, here’s my first attempt to be able to explore a standard post-apocalyptic hive city of the 41st millenium.

Hope you like it!



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Slaves of the walls

Voici la suite du projet précédent. Bientôt je prendrai des photos des décors que je bricole depuis plus d’une année, avec ces bestioles incrustées dedans. Mais comme ils finiront en détails de quelque chose de plus grand, je voulais leur laisser un espace pour exister, autrement qu’en plus du reste.

Voici donc des serviteurs lobotomisés de l’imperium, branchés à des murs en ruines, conçus exclusivement pour exécuter une tâche depuis longtemps oubliée et obsolète.


Mur1.1 Mur2.1 Mur2.2 Mur2.3 Mur3.1 Mur3.2 Mur3.3 Panneau1 Panneau2 Panneau3 plafond1.1 plafond1.2 plafond1.3 plafond2.1 plafond2.2 plafond2.3 plafond3.1 plafond3.2 plafond3.3

Slaves of wisdom

Hop, voilà un projet auquel je pense depuis longtemps. Inspiré par une illustration du livre de règles de la v3 qui reprend les singes de la sagesse, en voici une version en figurine, qui reprend les mêmes idées que mes sculptures. De mon point de vue, que ça soit en sculptures, musique, photo ou en figurines, il y a toujours les mêmes références, les mêmes obsessions.

C’est encore du travail en progrès, mais je voulais les mettre ici déjà. On ne les reverra pas avant que j’ai terminé plusieurs choses assez imposantes, et donc pas avant un moment, mais je bricole d’autres de ces personnages. Affaire à suivre!

Slaves of Wisdom