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Civilians and dwarves.

Here are some other ones i’ve been thinking about for some time.

I wanted to make these little dwarves for some time, as i really liked the illustrations in one of the 40k rulebook – i never remember which book is which edition – and i think they really participate of the atmosphere. Hiding in the background, marking skulls or being just weird. So here are 5 of them.

Dwarves1.1 Dwarves1.2 Dwarves1.3 Dwarves1.4

And these are more common citizens of the hive city. I tried to make them a little weird also. I don’t think anyone truly sane could survive in such a universe.. The hard thing with these guys, as for the dwarves, was to use arms without any weapon. Most of the arms i have in my bit box used to hold weapon, so i have to make them hold something, interesting, credible but not too important.. That’s why i love the ghouls arms. Just open hands. So great!

Civils1.1 Civils1.2 Civils1.3 Civils1.4 Civils1.5 Civils1.6

Hope you like them. Have a good evening!

Magos Phineus and playing with .gifs


Here’s the Magos Phineus, leader of my Mechanicum warband.

After the Shiver, Phineus was asked by Archmagos Holastas to search the wasted foundations of Ib-26 in order to find what happened, what were the reasons of the cataclysm. He as been leading a choir of specialist into the drowned city for centuries now, looking for evidences.

I have to work the background a little more, but it will be linked with the story of the city.. So nothing more until i finally get things done in this area!.. But i’m happy to see this mini painted. It was the first try to make a mechanics character, and it evolved a lot since then, more than two years ago!

1 2 3 4 5 6

I put here little gifs i tried to make of the different sceneries of the city. I have to learn things in this area as well, so it’s absolutely an amateur work!.. (After seeing this, i realize one building is missing.. )

Ib-26.3 Ib-26.2 Ib-26.1

Have a nice week!


Hi here!

Here’s the Reliquae finished. Nothing too complicated, i have some difficulties trying something new with the colors, as i fear making things too shiny..

The Reliquae was a holy propaganda engine used by the government of Ib-26 before the catastrophe known as the Shiver. After the fled of the authorities, the walker was hijacked by the inhabitant into diffusing their own propaganda. With the time, the lack of maintenance and the recent strange events, the engine fell in madness, walking randomly in the alleys screaming senseless diatribes.

Now, the appearance of the Reliquae is a sign of change, good or bad, for the neighborhood. Trying to bring the favors of the forgotten holy man stuck into the machinery on themselves, the civilians run next to the screaming mass of metal to hang prayers parchment on it, at the risk of falling under its stomping feet.


1 2 3 4 5

Still here, some wips

I’ve been away from my miniature desk for some months now. I had to deal with some turns in my life, but recent events made me comfortable enough to go back to cutting plastic and assembling it back together without guilt! And i really missed that!
So apologies for my lack of activities here or around the web, i hope i’ll catch everything that happened since then.
Here are some pictures of a warband i wanted to make for some time. I plan of making a few more small warbands with good themes and mood to introduce my friends to InqMunda i think – we have been playing mostly HoR Kill Team for now.
This one is the team of Lord Istaar, a radical Inquisitor from the Ordo Malleus. He was tricked by a daemon after trying to control it, and his body started to eat itself from the inside. Using a rare empyrean shards and some brutal technology, his acolyte Cylee was able to maintain him alive, sharing his life force with his master. Reduced to a state of parasite, Istaar and the few members of his team still able to support his disturbing aura investigated to find more of that combustible, trying to slow down the effect of the self eating process while finding a cure, and a way to take his revenge on the warp creature responsible of his state. This quest lead them to the drowned city of Ib-26.
Here’s the model of Istaar and Cylee, that i wanted to make for some time now.






They will still have some changes until the painting phase i think.. Surely..

Here’s one of the unlucky mutated inhabitant of Ib-26, local guide for the Inquisitor. He has some of this warp shards in his flesh. These shards will be the Mordheim’s Warpstone of the hive if we ever start a campaign down there. I’ll write seriously about this one day!..

Mutant1.1 Mutant1.2 Mutant1.3

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, i’ve been away from my camera as well!..

And here’s a rather simple ganger from another hive. I don’t have any background for him, but i’ll think about it while putting down things around Ib-26 and the territories around.

Ganger1.2 Ganger1.3 Ganger1.4 Ganger11

Thank you for passing by! Have a nice day!

Some doodles.

Another thing that i’ve been thinking for a while, is gathering all the doodles and illustrations touching the 40k universe i have done. I’ve been around it for some time now, and studying the rule books and their illustrations is an important memory, as it’s a big part of my will to learn drawing and becoming an illustrator.

This late title is still something i work on and ask myself a lot about – but for now, here are some of this drawings and more are on the gallery. So there’s some Mechanicum, Servo-skulls,  imperial civilians of the Many Faces of the Vox Populii, and some researches for the biggest element of my hive-city board.


techpriest Cranes1.2 Reliquae Cranes07 Cranes09 Cranes02 2 21 20


Explorator warband exploring

Nothing new – except a lot of really nice words from the very people that have been inspiring me and feeding my obsessions. That’s just amazing, justifies the time i spent on the making, and simply brings a lot of smiles! Thank you all!

While it’s just the same pieces than below, here are some photos of a different configuration of buildings with my mechanicus warband crawling on it. Hope we’ll have a game soon!

02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

14 15 16 17 18

The foundations of Ib-26

The foundations of Ib-26

So after a long time with no real news, here are the first pictures of my hive-city under-world thing. I’ll begin with some/a lot of/too much ambiance shots – too dense to be really playable, but to get in the mood! I’ll take later some individual pictures of every structure.

Hum, most of it is from scratch, with the exception of the new pipelines from GW, a manufactorum, some accessory kit, and bits of the chemical plant kit from Pegasus.

I began this terrain early in 2014, and worked on it in phases, learned a little bit each time, and then came back on the first elements to add details and things to unite the whole. Some of the buildings were old flat grey things, from a time when we played standard 40k games with my friend. Then one day, i found on the beautiful blog Tears of Istvaan photos of the Yggdrasylium board by Neil101. I discovered the hidden face of 40k, the one that always fascinated me. The one that came directly from the old books, the black and white illustrations, the evocative dark imagery of creepy places full of crazy fanatic machine-human hybrids. The one so different from the game i knew. I still don’t know exactly why it took me so much time to realize that it was exactly that aspect of the game that i liked so much, and why i didn’t make anything in that direction sooner. But now, here’s my first attempt to be able to explore a standard post-apocalyptic hive city of the 41st millenium.

Hope you like it!



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Showcase! (And some wip)


while i’m working on more things related, here are some WIPs of the terrain i’m building for our games. Some of this pictures are one year old, the pieces already painted and covered by dust, other are more recent. But i have to make one more big thing before being psychologically ok with taking good pictures of the whole painted terrain. I doubt this project will ever be finished one day, since i always have some more elements to build, more details to add. But the big thing will be a step.

And I should have talked about it here sooner, but some of my minis found a way on a showcase on the mind blowing blog Ex Profundis! Thank again a lot to Jake Bruticus for featuring my work, and showing it so close to so many amazing miniatures and brilliant spirits! There was a lot of kind words, and that’s really precious! Thank you!

So i thought i could start to write here in english.. Hope your eyes won’t grammatically bleed!

Here are the WIPs!


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